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Preventing burnout in your break

«Don’t be alone when confronted with daily stress»

What is this game for?

To prevent burnout in the medium term and to bring lasting micro-changes to your daily professional life.

It will allow you to confirm and facilitate changes and good practices that you’ve set up.

It’s fun, the game calls upon our preventative intelligence and because it was created in the field it builds on much practical experience.

It makes us talk about situations that we encounter at work. The game has no winner, but everyone wins!

Conceived and created by the psychologist Catherine Vasey, this prevention tool proposes 45 essential questions concerning the prevention of stress at work.

Each player has one minute to reply to the question that was read out. The time needed to reflect on the subject. The aim is not to find the correct answer but to begin a process of reflection and to interact with one’s game partners.

Author of the acclaimed book « Burnout : le détecter et le prévenir » (ed. Jouvence, 2007) and active for more than 10 years in the treatment of professional exhaustion, Catherine Vasey created this tool as a follow-up to her prevention courses: “I wanted to give the opportunity to participants to continue their discussions on a regular basis on the topic of burnout.”

She tested her prototype for three years in diverse professional environments, from the banking sector to the engineering sector, before publishing it in 2010.

“The game is open to everyone, who finds themselves involved in a stressful working environment.”


The graphic design and the illustrations were created by Nathalie Rais, recognised for her illustrations of Amand Délire, comic strip published in the former daily paper Le Matin Bleu.

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The drawings are by Arnaud Dousse, young artistic prodigy, then 14 years old. The character, the Chinaman, refers to Chinese medicine, which strives to attain the equilibrium and therefore the prevention of illnesses.

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On the radio

On en parle, radio broadcast by La 1ère, RSR, with Catherine Vasey. She explains how her game works and answers a wide range of questions on professional exhaustion.

Listen to the radio broadcast

Practical details

Price of the game: Frs 35.-
Available in french, English and german
Editions Noburnout, Av. de Chailly 1, 1012 Lausanne
Tél: 021-784 14 59 email: info@noburnout.ch

Buy online

You can order the game by email at the address payot.ch